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Kandian politics
Description of south eastern Kanday's influential clerical and mundane officials and their interests. [First Draft, PDF, 291 kB]
Peonianism in Kanday
The situation of the Church of Peoni in western Hârn. [Not yet begun]
A laranian abbey in Dunzael Hundred, run by the of the Order of Hyvrik and  sponsoring the Chapter of the Checkered Shield at Flaru. [Manor Data Tables; PDF, 19 kB]
Daretel's Finding
A young complex of small opencast lead mines within Mineous Forrest near Tyve manor, run by several small unions of miners. [Not yet begun]
This peonian nunnery is lead by a strict abbess, who recalled the guard of laranian knights in 717 TR. [Not yet begun]
The royal stronghold with a 6-story keep is the seat of the Sheriff of Daen and controls the traffic on the Eryn River as the street crossing of the Pindeas River. [Revised Version, PDF, 1.9 MB]
One of three chapterhouse of the Order of the Checkered Shield in Daenshire. The knights of Flaru guard the abbeys of Chantaer and Chyndaen. [Not yet begun]
This peonian monastry, laied within the wilderness of Mineous Forrest, is known for its monks skills in colonization and agriculture. [Not yet begun]
The manorial fief across the Eryn from Edino, seat of  the Warden of Mineous Forest. [Revised Version, PDF, 2.6 MB]
Iben's Lode
A lead mining complex in the Mineous Forest, near Venric Abbey. As opencast mining almost reached its rentability, the miners recently started deep mining with shafts and galleries to exploit deeper parts of the rich ore lode. [Draft, PDF, 2.1 MB]
[Map and brief description also included in "Mineous Forest"]
Karada's Placer
A small tin mine exploiting an alluvial placer near Paku. [Draft, PDF, 378 kB]
Mineous Forest
The edge of civilization in south-eastern Kanday is the setting for the Mineous Hundred Campaign. The article describes the region and introduces various locations as hunting lodges, hamlets, mines, other places of interest, and several inhabitants. Mineous Forest [Article (draft), PDF, 1.6 MB]
Maerlith Hamlet [Article, PDF, 0.7 MB] - A colony of runaways and refugees lead by Peonian monks.
Pagel Hamlet [Article (draft), PDF, 0.7 MB]
- A small nest midst of Mineous Forrest, home to brigands and runaway serfs, now subdued to pay tribute to the Lord of Murelno.
Goyezed Village [Common Map, PDF, 1.8 MB]
- A wild community stemming from Mimeyi-Gozydan and Corani refuges.
Gurian Hamlet [Article, PDF, 0.9 MB]
- A nest of brigands, who irregularly raided travellers on the Mineous Trail.
The only manor within Mineous Hundred, lying isolated on the eastern bank of the Eryn River. [Revised article, PDF, 4.8 MB ]
Chantaer Nunnery is not only the largest peonian abbey on the Hârnic Isles, but is also know for the high degree of organizaton and infrastructure, as well as for its large orchards and distillery - producing the most famous hârnic brandy. [Draft, PDF, 8.9 MB]
The hundred moot of Dyrien Hundred. [Manor Data Tables, PDF, 22 kB]
The Campaign
The Mineous Hundred Campaign
This campaign is based in Murelno, a frontier settlement in south-eastern Kanday. This file describes the setting of the campaign. [Begun, but really much to be done...]
The journal
The journal of this campaign - edited by Murelno's official scribe Senbatan. [Begun, but really much to be done...]

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